Reduce Materials
Reduce Storage
Reduce Transport
Reduce Handling
Reduce Returns
Reduce Waste
Reduce Administration

Reduce Materials

At Pitreavie we work with a wealth of suppliers around the world. There are constant changes in packaging technology related to your sector, whether it’s food, cosmetics, manufacturing or pharmaceuticals. The packaging industry invests in research and development to design products that are more durable, lightweight, secure, and environmentally friendly.

All of these add up to cost savings. More durable packages reduce the probability of transit damage. Lightweight packaging limits the amount of space you take up in carrier trucks. Secure packaging reduces the probability of spoilage and damage. Your brand reputation also benefits from environment-friendly products.

Our expert packaging team will advise you on the most cost effective way in which to leverage new materials to reduce your overall packaging cost.

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Reduce Storage

Reduced Inventory maximises both working capital and warehouse space.

With every company looking to maximise space, it is important to consider the costs associated with storing your packaging materials. You may struggle to find room for the large amounts of corrugated cardboard, paper, and plastic you use to package and ship materials.

Unfortunately, some companies feel they are forced to buy in bulk to reduce costs to a manageable level. Some are faced with long lead times and are therefore forced to carry large stock levels to cope with any sharp rises in demand. It also goes without saying, the more storage space you dedicate to packaging material, the less space you have for finished product.

Instead of shipping all of your corrugated cardboard and paper orders directly to you, Pitreavie will hold stock of all your packaging materials, ready to be called upon at a moment’s notice.
You might be concerned about cutting it too close and not having the packaging you need in time. If that’s the case,we can offer pre-scheduled or automated releases of packing materials based on your company’s historical data.

By taking a holistic approach to cost savings, our packaging experts will identify ways to improve your packaging process without compromising on quality. 

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Reduce Transport

Reduce transport costs and save CO2

The cost of transportation is a major issue whether you are using your own vehicles or operating through courier companies.

Packaging can have a major impact on the costs, whether its optimising the box size to get more per pallet or increasing the specification to dramatically reduce product damage.

At Pitreavie we employ a specialist design team who can work with you to examine your current shipping methods and advise on different material and pack size configurations. Our shipping yield software allows us to maximise pallet optimization.

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Reduce Handling

Your workforce could be spending valuable time on the following time-consuming tasks in the packaging process;

  • Constructing corrugated cardboard
  • Assembling and securing cartons
  • Inserting dividers or void fill materials
  • Taping and securing boxes

We manufacture a full range of quick assembly corrugated boxes as well as boxes suitable for case erecting automated lines.

One of the most time-consuming steps of the packaging process is taping and sealing. A poorly sealed product has a higher chance of damage and return.

Automation can play a key role in boosting your productivity;

  • Increased output: Automation speeds up your packaging process, making your business more profitable.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: Manual sealing produces ample waste. An automated machine only uses the exact amount of material needed.
  • Reduce workplace injuries: Automation reduces the likelihood of repetitive strain injuries, minimizing the risk of absenteeism and workplace injury claims.
  • Enhance your brand reputation: Machinery introduces precision, giving you perfectly packaged and secured products. So you can present a better-looking product to your customers as well as reducing the likelihood of damage.

Not only can our expert team work with you to identify opportunities we employ bespoke software to audit and demonstrate overall cost savings.

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Reduce Returns

Reduce Returns - Properly Packaged Products

Product damage costs your business in many ways. When a customer returns a damaged product, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and returning it are all sunk costs. Moreover, you’ve possibly damaged your relationship with your customer. There are two leading causes of product damage: poor packaging and transit damage.

Our expert packaging team will work with you to determine the best way to eliminate damaged product. We have a variety of products that can improve load stability, reduce harsh vibrations and improve burst and crush strengths.

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Reduce Waste

Designing your packaging to reduce waste

This is usually the most cost-effective option and the best for the environment. There are a variety of ways of achieving this and both our design and packaging teams will work with you to help.

Reduce production losses - choosing a package shape that minimises waste material
  • using computer-aided design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems to plan more efficient packages or component layouts
  • using fewer, larger pack sizes instead of a greater number of smaller ones
Reduce packaging
  • eliminating unnecessary layers of packaging
  • reducing or eliminating the use of adhesives and tapes
  • using direct printing to avoid using labels
Reduce packaging voidspace fillers
  • reducing unnecessary voidspace in containers
  • avoiding using fillers - such as expanded polystyrene blocks or bubble-wrap
  • considering using air as the packing medium to protect fragile products
Lightweighting and downsizing
  • eliminating one or more layers to reduce the overall package weight
  • using double-walled or triple-walled corrugated board when strength is needed
  • strengthening individual materials to allow you to reduce overall material use reducing the average thickness of the packaging where possible
  • avoiding putting strength into secondary transit packaging if this is not necessary
Improving transport efficiency
  • choosing packaging shapes that will maximise case and pallet utilisation and transport

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Reduce Administration

It can be tempting to use multiple suppliers to chase the best prices and to spread the business, however, the cost of administration can mount up.

Depending on what journal you read, the cost of processing and paying an invoice can cost anything from £10-£25.

This does not include the amount of time you spend chasing late deliveries, questioning discrepancies and haggling over prices.

Now consider the alternative. One monthly invoice, covering all your supplies.

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